Saturday, May 30, 2009

peony close-up

even closer if you click on it!


of your faces

like a flower, to
the sound
of water

that races
madly over cliffs, after a shower

one of your faces
is shut
and reflects the moon

you say you would rather
the rain did not ruffle your petals

you have had quite enough
of seasons

see, how well you have hardened
your rippled skin
into stone

one of your faces
speaks to me, in the way of weather
fierce and cold

one of your selves
is scattered
in my fingers, fragrant
and falling

Saturday, May 23, 2009

bearded iris

behind your eyes

I notice
that the sun
forgot to set

in that world
that glows
behind your eyes

there, where the snowy egret
still flies

why on earth should it ever land
while its wings
are still draped in golden light

and the sand so smooth
under its flight

and why
should this creaking world
even think
of turning

or the twilight think of falling

while love still
leans over
to its own heart

and I and the day
still hold up the night
for a moment

while those crazy stars
try to rise

here, in the world I find
behind your eyes

Sunday, May 10, 2009

2 monkeys

I don't know exactly what these are called--if anyone knows, tell me!
(I found out they are called Langurs)

was it you

tell me the truth
was it you
who sent this hummingbird

that teases me into your world
of lilacs
and sky

did you put that white wisteria
in my path
to undo my breath

or this
alarming sudden swirl
of mockingbird's wings

tell me, was it you
who engineered me
to break apart

like a dry crust of soil
at the touch
of someone's heart

see, you have shattered
the skin of my soul


with the sharp
of beauty
in a mockingbird's song

with your warm wind
drifting around my shoulders

and this swift, obsessive
airborne speck

getting tipsy
on lilacs and sky