Friday, September 07, 2012

slipper orchids

house of the lord

(from the one who is Love Eternal--)

how long ago I let you
split from me
like a wandering chunk of ice
carved from a glacier

but there is no forgetting
I will wait forever

for you to take your skin back
from the sea
and shake yourself loose from the sand
like a precious stone

and finally bring your broken parts
to me
dusty and dripping
pile them at my door

could I refuse you—never!
your worn-down fragments
are my treasure

and if you fall, look up
to my shining face

here, where you belong
feel my arms
holding you together

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

tiger resting

Love Eternal (Reza’s Poem)

If I could whisper in your ear
dearest one
I would tell you of love eternal

I would reach out and touch you
with this hand you held so dear

that is no longer solid,
but pure light

I am here, my love
with the promise of bluer skies, and brighter stars
to share with you
a small piece of my heaven

and dear one, I would put inside your heart
the joy, the release, the infinite freedom
of my new home
where I run, play, dance

where pain and sorrow are unknown
and love
bridges all distances
with the smallest whisper

Reza wrote this poem with me,
the night after he left us on the physical plane...
this is his message from the world of spirit!