Thursday, June 25, 2009

peony in white

joy, said the firefly

I planned
for my wings
to pull the air across
your face

just like this

and for
my small flicker of flame
to scorch
for a second
the cloth of your darkness

just like this

and for you
to rise along my
dotted line of lights

above the night's curtain
just like this

surprised you
didn't I

This post (although it's about a firefly) is dedicated to Michael Jackson, who defies gravity, now and forever!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

sea-lion drinking


leave your collar of fire
on the horizon

take off your shoes
come barefoot
into my world

roll here
to me
on the fading grass

while your last thoughts
flicker above us
soft, on the bellies
of clouds

shadows grow
in hollows

reaching out to you
touching the red embers
of your skin

roll down into the ocean
of my arms

eyes closed
being of light