Tuesday, October 23, 2012

red and white orchids

night is what you make it

night is what you make it
my love

after the day
has rolled out of your arms
and left you

take my sweet silence

I will close the pale world’s doors
again, for us

and tear a corner
of your heart, to open it
so this, your light
can spill out

like virgin water into the sea
splitting rocks apart
in your madness

have I told you, in the dark
this secret
that you, and only you
feed my infinity
as if your cells and vessels
were my source of thunder

as if your hands, in mine
held the sun’s red fire

and now, your twining arms
becoming night
I love you still

Thursday, October 04, 2012

praying mantis

harvest moon

how will I undress you?

under wraps, you are
smooth as the full moon

however deep your skin
you will shed it for me, in slivers
or great slabs
like a hollow tree

is there a pool
at your center, of bright water
can I reach down
deep enough

tonight, you hang in the sky

for now, know me, I am autumn

I leave no dry things