Thursday, November 27, 2008

bonsai maple in autumn


run with me
like tigers
through the grass

stripes flashing

what joy it is
to watch
your paws
pressing wide
against the damp ground
fierce, soft

and your eyes
green stones
pulled from the same well
as my own

along with me
stretch your claws out
in the speckled noonday shade

while your breath
rises and falls

we tigers are
so they say

Saturday, November 22, 2008

cascading chrysanthemums

this is only a small part of the annual "KIKU" chrysanthemum show at the NY Botanical Garden-- a Japanese traditional art form (ancient "high tech")

to live

look, how blue

your flames are
curling up
between my fingers

you do not know, love
my hands are closing
to hide

my light, as you flicker
will you burn away
the gray trails
in my eyes

in my heart

with your blanket of gold
will you catch me
as I fall

casting death
like a paper ball

into your fire
to live

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


yes, this is a picture of the universe!

chasing down angels

they call me

it's true

I melt
at a kind word

the full force
of a smile

or the delicious
of a laugh

they grumble

if my hands
holding my heart

or if
I grow wings

and linger
too long

chasing down angels

for a drop
of sweetness

Friday, November 07, 2008

leaves under water


I woke you out of sleep
didn't I
to set your heart
pouring from this rock

you must understand
I made the universe too fast

I was in need of bread, then

and yes,
the first fruits
were bathed in dew
the grains golden
and feet, those small puffs of dust
on the plains
made me glad

but nothing I touch is new

I need water, now
your clear gaze
the fire
forgotten in this mountain

and now I open
the first crack in the dam
your heart
in this rock