Tuesday, November 24, 2009

ice tree

This is a photo of last year's ice storm--the real thing was ten times more beautiful! And no, I'm not wishing for ice any time soon...

a wave speaks

I knew that I would break
when I threw myself
onto the rock

I wanted
to feel
my heart burst open

to lose
the grip of the earth

to separate into a million eyes
each one a golden image
of the sun

and wasn't it the sun itself
who raised me
higher than the earth could follow

and isn't it happiness
to be so broken

that nothing can weigh me down
but light

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Inca terns being silly

These terns apparently do this a lot--did NOT seem to have hanky-panky in mind...(I WAS watching for a long time!)

hang the moon

you don't have to tell

were you ever full
as that
crescent moon

on the horizon

don't explain
the dark
inside you

you don't have to tell

were you ever heavy
with light

did your smile melt
the edge of dawn

you don't have to tell
but your cells

when you knew
you were loved

and you were that slice of fire