Wednesday, February 28, 2007

pink and green leaves

three very poetic creations in haiku-form


Pain in my head, Oh
We salute the rising sun
Oh, to turn back time!


Words fly from your mouth
past me, like your dirty socks
Missing the basket


Roller coaster life--
Falling, I shift into gear
Rotating the world

Sunday, February 25, 2007

yellow flame

click on it and scroll to the center--it's pretty cool enlarged!

touch the fire

who am I to tell you
to touch the fire
that rolls
like a puppy
at your feet

who am I to say
that the smoke
will not slice
your chest
with every breath

who am I
to speak to
a stone
with my voice
of ashes

Thursday, February 22, 2007

pink cannas

half-grown moon

God made my madness
as surely as he made
the melting snow

and when my feet pull me out the door
to see how much green
has thrown off its blanket

that is enough praise for you, my love

God made my sadness
as surely as He made
the clouds that come and go

dappling the full sun
of the angels' faces
that would be uncovered fire
but you put water in the way

molding your light into
a lover whose skin is warm
but falls asleep in mid-embrace

capturing my heart
in this brave world of shreds and raindrops
more jewels fallen
than heaven can count

and when I drink and hold
your rain
into my half-grown, half-eaten body
like the half-risen moon

that is praise enough for you, my love

This poem was inspired by Paul's blog--"Original Faith"
in answer to a question he raised on his post...

Monday, February 19, 2007

pine and red berries

last time I looked

last time I looked
you were breathing
inside the sheltered space
that is my heart

like soft wings
inside a nest

last time I looked
you were clinging
outside the ragged shell
that is my heart

on whistling
hurricane winds

last time I looked
you were spreading
determined roots
into the scattered earth
that is my heart

rising, growing
falling like petals
opening again

Thursday, February 08, 2007

baby ladybugs

but you know my heart

I’ve noticed
the air feels warmer
when you’re near—

like now
as I stare sideways across the desk
at your right hand

that touched me
last Tuesday
when I offered you
a whole Twinkie (not a half)

you held it
like a delicate bakery fruit

until it crumbled into creamy bits
you licked them
off your fingers, one by one…

Wednesday we were
close enough
for me to knock over your books,

and I picked them up without thinking—
the guys hollered at me—
YOU never did that for a GIRL before—

or shared my lunch--
by now, you know
my heart…

today Greg threw Angela’s pencil case
across the room—
I leaped to catch it—you were watching—
I made a dash sideways, dodging her braids
as we ran screaming between the chairs

into a tug-of-war-
breathing hard—head to head—

I glanced back to
your laughing face

you were gone

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

white daffs red tulip

red twigs

red twigs
in a bronze vase

on the table
near a candle

where you touched me
that night

one sweet stroke
from your hand

as useless, and right

as red twigs
by candlelight

Friday, February 02, 2007

fork in the road

as seen in Rock City, NY
click, then click on the icon, to see it larger

a touch of haiku

tears fall from my eyes--
the sun shining in your smile
creates a rainbow

^ ^ ^ ^

water sinks through stones--
I cannot hold its sweetness
Again, we say goodbye

^ ^ ^ ^