Wednesday, January 25, 2012

red peony


It was Jupiter's eye
that pierced you, finally

that blue spark,
with a strand of pale moon
pinned in the sky
like the last defiant ice
in a melting sea

and I lay down unseen
watching your heart
drink in

this blue-white fire, a splinter of gold,
the blazing hush of night sky

to break you open

I know how long to wait
before I brush an orange cloud
against your throat
and touch you with
the rush of seagulls' black-tipped wings

you sigh,
"nothing could ever be so beautiful"

and you are saying this, to me only
as I turn the sun loose for you
in the fierce wild light of January

igniting the frost
and you cry out

"nothing could ever be so beautiful"
as you look down, dazzled
by the crystalline grace
of a frozen spot of spit
under your feet
a gem

for love's eyes only

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

scarlet ibis

a short conversation with God

I asked God--

please tell me
where do I stand with you?

He said
THAT is an impertinent question!

you tiny
of an animal

if my whole heart
could fit inside you

my dear one, you would be
my whole heart...