Saturday, July 14, 2007

butterfly on pink coreopsis

(click on picture to see it closer)

as requested by a lovely bird who flew by and tagged me (8 random things about myself)

It's all true--
what they say about Firebird
is true

that she once got seasick
in a canoe

her second baby
came out
bright blue

she can read any book in
a day or two

her Dad taught her how to build
an igloo

she loves the kazoo
and the didgeri-doo

and her favorite dessert is

It's true, it's true-
she does have a crush
on Pepe Le Pew

she adores snakes, bats,
and spiders, too
and all of the creatures
that live in the zoo

and, of course, you!

Friday, July 13, 2007

messenger angel

the sky is hungry

the sky is hungry for your breath

if you would open your flesh
for the sun to pierce through
your tears

the way your cries, raw
as the blood in a bull's throat,
rip through the morning

as a crowd gathers

if your breath would spill out
from your heart
into the air
if a hand would reach you

if you could break through the walls
of the corrida
if you could see over your bones

if I could catch you with my mind

if you could step for one minute out of your skin
the hungry sky
would hold you