Friday, March 31, 2006


V is the signature of the hawk
the key balanced on the wind

V is the arrow, the taker and giver of life
the blood stain, the gravestone

V is the necklace of bone
where two arms spiral into sunlight

V is the mountain
split open to the sky

V is the door
where the soul flies out in words


T is the spirit sprung free
evergreen arms expressing the sun

T increases, leaning forward to embrace
then sideways like clouds building

T moves like an auger of will
T is airborne, in cool geometry

T is the trail for heaven's spark
folding the world into its heart

a sound like desire

the sky shifts
the prairie dog stretches its body
breath pulled into
a reverse cry

your fingers catch the strings
sliding through sound and scent
like eels, like ferrets

the key changes, you rise and dive
chasing the last chord
in the eagles shadow


time goes sideways
for centuries i felt you at my back
in desert sands
but time moves sideways

time is a circle
reaching around torrents
where two fingers touch, with the gentle curve
of a scorpion's tail

time is delicate
like the tinkle of an elevator bell
smooth as the operator's brake
easy as one casual step

(first of many)

firebird has sore toes from crash landing
digging a hole to keep warm
good night
see you at sunrise