Saturday, July 29, 2006

sea rocks


the sea is large
its color right

rolling into my
open arms

the sea is large
it spreads and sparkles
like juice
on a cut pineapple

the sea is
the skin of a drum
humming to its own beat
under an orange marabou sky

my why
shriveled and fell away
along with how and whether
long ago

the sea is large today
its color right

sea leaves

Friday, July 28, 2006

knot garden


take me home
I have had enough
of hunger

of memories that disperse
from my stomach to the pores of my skin

like the smell of onions
I do not want joy
from onions

not that golden fragrant song
that rushes to fill
the crevices of my cells

overflowing, receding
and once again
there is the hunger

I have had enough

just bury me
throw dirt over my body
let me grow roots

Thursday, July 27, 2006

weeping cherry

love is an abalone

love is an abalone
cut it to the core
it does not bleed

slice it fine
there is no sign
of pain

love is a glacier
her heart's blood
slipping to the sea

without the snows
that visit and settle
like a warm weight on her breast

her forward motion
her shattered fingers
reaching for the sun

would melt and cease

Saturday, July 22, 2006

wild roses

legend (for Beth)

escaping on dolphins
hair streaming behind you
like a bright wake

beyond the shoulder of the sea
to where the air is not salt
and the clouds roll and part
to your command

do you require
water or fire
to keep your legend

or is it some element
that your feet seek
not seen
in the land of mer

Thursday, July 20, 2006

white peony


we are tunneled apples
our meat shifting
like the lair
of an octopus
under the sand

holes of beauty
like mouths, cupped roses
that catch the sweat and tears
of the sky

holes through to the dark forest
holes like trails, entrails
winding holes without end

holes of longing
that trap eyes and fingers
velvet holes
holes in the velvet lining of ragged holes

holes to sleep in, to drown in
to breathe through
holes like unfinished words

holes in the curtain
that raises, opens
I face the crowd, my arms high
the bullets pass through me
like a ghost

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

heritage rose

lemon ice yellow

lemon ice yellow
slipping down my tongue
pale as a smile

sharp and sweet
as yellow mornings
when someone's soft hands

wrapped me in sunlight
this brave color
this bite of frost

unfolds like a paper flower
under the angry sun

Monday, July 17, 2006

baby geese

the touch of your heart

the touch of your heart
turns me
like a leaf to the sky

with a simple madness
of meltwater raging
through fingers of moss

over rocks
like a shepherd's flock
to the cool grass

my heart turning
like a slow glacier
splintering into salt spray

a red shirtsleeve
in the clear wind

a swallow
that lowers its wings
to the touch of your heart

Thursday, July 06, 2006



until the lines are broken
and the spiderwebs
cut free

until I curl like paper
on the burning fringe
of a fiery cloud

until I disappear
silent and soft
as a wolf under thorns

until I move
across a black sky
like a dark stag

until I slip invisible
into your breath

look for me

wild raspberries

of course you are leaving

of course you are leaving
after your hands,
your broad leaves
have grown larger than mine

into a solid wall of green
and the rains, the rains
filled your chest, your voice
filled the streams
with echoes
of brass trumpets
and the dark crack
of stone against stone

of course the stones
will travel
to where the fish are liquid
against your skin

vines diving from trees
berries flying high
with the morning birds
over the spreading moss

all things were meant
to roll

to grow
to be cut
to fall past me

like hawk shadows
caressing my brow

or your teeth
forever pearls
in the twilight